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This year, the library will be a part of the specials team rotations. I look forward to working with all of the students this year in the library as their digital teacher librarian.  We will share our passions and interests as we explore technology, reading, and research in the hub of the school. 
This summer I unloaded and displayed so many boxes of new books for the students. 
Thank you to my library co-teacher Ms. Tiffany for helping work so hard preparing the library for the school year and getting the books out on the shelves! 
We would love to have parents volunteer in here. 
The students are looking forward to checking out the books, and have found many new finds they can't wait to read. I love seeing the excitement as they choose their book of choice. 
We are slowly redesigning and decorating the space so that they can find the books they need easier. This month we have been learning how the library is set up in the fiction and non-fiction sections. They will help share their ideas of how space could be improved to help them learn in here too. I look forward to growing with the students in the Secrest library this year. 
The first week of September and the 3rd week of September, I will be at this school, on the off weeks, I will be at another school and Art and Music will be the specials rotation. During that time the students will be checking out books and coming in to the library with their class and homeroom teacher. Be looking for books to come home and for your children to be reading nightly. We love family involvement reading at night whenever possible. I know that I struggle at times with that too as a mom to elementary kiddos. I have many ideas if you would like to reach out I can share them with you. In class I have encouraged them to check out at least one novel or chapter book for the older grades, and have shared the idea of checking out multiple books for them to read with a family member at night using their own copy, or check out a more advanced reading level to have someone read TO them as well at home. There are a lot of options. I will share my ideas as the year goes on in this forum. Students will need to return the checked out books, to be allowed to check out more. In addition, there are two Little Free Libraries in the school, one by the office and one in the 5th-grade hall with books that can be taken home if they are interested in keeping them. These books will possibly be restocked pretty regularly from community and staff for you to keep. 
Thank you for reading and I hope to meet each of you and learn more about your children as readers as the year goes on.

In addition to reading and library time, I am also a Digital Teacher. My position allows me to teach your children how to use the internet and many platforms for research, collaboration, understanding (like the G-Suite (Google)) and so much more. We have already begun working and sharing new finds that allow us to share and communicate as a class, like Padlet, which I hope to use often this year as a form of collaboration and sharing. Please share any ideas that you would like me to research as well. I am so open to all ideas out there

Your DTL (Digital Teacher Librarian,)
Natalie Nichols