What's up, October?
Posted on 09/27/2018

****Library and Technology News****

We are off to a great October. image.png

With all students being set up on their very own Chromebooks or ipads, they are diving in with excitement.  

Technology is changing our learning, and the students are finding new avenues to self-directed learning. Chromebooks are empowering to our students. (Standard 1 :)) We have been practicing out logging in and imputing our usernames on many sites. The students are learning tools to bookmark their go to pages, like Google Classrooms, Padlet, Typing Club, Google Suites, Jeffco pages and more.

We begin our day practicing library and school expectations, opening up Google Classroom with a soft start lesson and routine.

Secrest is giving children the resources to find what they need and practice those self-directed steps this way. I have SO MANY awesome ideas to share with students this year and am always interested in new suggestions! I have added a "Recommend a Book" button/link to my library home page, if you would like to share ideas of book purchases as well.

Please remember to have your students reading at home every night. I know they love this! I have many fun resources to share and will post on the Library webpage! There are links online, on my page as well for you and your child to browse. Please check out my library page.

We are always looking for volunteers in the library to help out. Please stop by to let us know how you would like to help.   

Natalie Nichols


Digital Teacher Librarian

Increasing the velocity of learning